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    A Revolution in Skincare!

    A Revolution in Skincare!

    STEMZYME™ is the ultimate age management treatment that reduces the effects of impaired stem cell function. These effects include fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, discoloration, uneven texture, dullness, sallow complexion, enlarged pores, dry skin, and hyperactive skin.

    With aging, our epidermal stem cell population declines by 10-15% per decade. StemZyme™ intervenes by directly engaging the existing stem cell population and actively stimulates the production of new adult epidermal stem cells, which leads to the proliferation of all the various skin cells we need for youthful, healthy skin.

    Unlike existing stem cell therapies, StemZyme™ is the first offering that is entirely non-invasive and harnesses the power of the body's innate biochemistry to deliver profound results.

    Virtual Consultations

    Virtual Consultations

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    We'll talk about all things skin, answer all your questions, and even review the products you are currently using.

    You'll also receive a $50 credit to apply toward your new skincare regimen.

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    The Clinic

    The Clinic

    PRIMA Clinical Skin Care is a boutique-style studio established in 2014 in Dunwoody, Georgia.

    The spa-like atmosphere offers both privacy and tranquility.

    In addition to facial services, there are two additional treatment rooms for body and wellness services.

    1750 Old Spring House Ln #200a,
    Dunwoody, GA 30338

    Tel: 404-444-4617

    Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday: 11am -7pm
    Saturday: 9:30 am -6pm
    Sunday: Closed

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