Hello, I am Amy Anderson, the founder of PRIMA Clinical Skin Care, a Licensed Esthetician, and a lifelong skincare devotee. My career path into aesthetics began later in life after I graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in psychology and embarked on a career in corporate America. In 2008, I took a leap of faith and enrolled at The Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics.

Upon graduation, I was fortunate enough to start my first job at a renowned spa, where I became mentored in the medical aspects of aesthetics. For five years, I worked alongside medical professionals, master estheticians, and other clinicians with decades of experience. It was a great start, but I wanted to branch out and create something unique.

My approach to skin revision is hands-on and customized to each client. When performing a skin assessment, diet, lifestyle, medical history, and current product usage are considered before implementing a strategy.

I believe in doing progressive skin treatments like a personal trainer at the gym. Great results take time and only happen with consistency.

Over the years, I've helped many people achieve a healthy glow and even reverse years of damage from lifestyle and the environment. Customized targeted treatments combined with bio-available skincare products are the keys to transformation. I use the most clinically proven lines in the industry that your body can recognize and assimilate.

No matter where you are on your journey, I am here to help.

I believe that education is an ongoing process, and I am continually learning about the latest in the industry. I am Pastiche certified, DMK MD certified, and a strategic partner with Environ Skin Care.

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