Body Kit - Forte


To help address the appearance of the skin, Environ’s Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac Lotion and the Vitamin A, C &E Body Oil combine their efforts, revealing the appearance of healthier, more radiant, smoother, and energized skin on the body.

The enhanced concentration of vitamins assists in nourishing and relieving the appearance of dry and sun-damaged skin. 


  • Lactic acid assists in exfoliation and rejuvenation.
  • Promotes healthy collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Helps improve the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, and laxity.
  • The enriched vitamin formulation helps to combat free radical damage and assists in pigment correction.

200ml Alpha Hydroxy Derma-Lac Lotion

100ml Vitamin A, C, & E Body Oil Forte

How to use

Apply a thin layer of Derma-Lac lotion on the entire body after a shower or bath.

Follow up with Body Oil Forte.

Can be used morning and/or evening.

Shelf Life

18 months unopened.

10-12 weeks after opening.

Environ Online Policy

Due to the active nature of the ingredients within the Environ® range, a consultation is necessary to establish the most suitable skincare products for you. We provide free consultations to determine the most appropriate skincare regime from the Environ range. A consultation usually takes just a few minutes, but we are happy to provide you with as little or as much information as you may require. Please, contact us to arrange a call-back or email at your earliest convenience.

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